-  Come play with glitter's Gun!  -

(To get the full story on why I started dabbling with lightguns in the first place, check out the Q2GUNFRENZY! Background page first.)

So, why lightgun Half-Life?  Well, due to limitations of the Q2 architecture, my other mod, gl.tter's Q2GUNFRENZY! could only be written for single-player lightgun play.  Half-Life however had what I needed to get lightguns to work in a client-server architecture.

Essentially HL-GUN!- turned into a two-part experiment; first, how would lightgun FPS work against other lightgun players on-line or on a LAN, and second, how does standard FPS lightgun gameplay work against traditional mouse/keyboard players?

Well, I've not had the chance to test either beyond getting it up and running, so it will be interesting to see how it pans out.  However, I think that HL-GUN!- servers will be more fun when restricted to lightgun players only (something server operators can set up), at least when hardcore standard players are thrown into the mix - really good players are just too fast and accurate with their mice.

Ultimately, lightgun games will be best when they are written with the guns in mind from the get-go - current FPS games are designed too closely for mouse and keyboard play (too many buttons, too much shot latency etc).  Half-Life adds another bunch of required buttons to an already crowded Q2 setup, and so getting all the options to work with the GS handheld and gun is pretty tricky.  I tried to work around the limitations as much as possible, but you may be better off using the keyboard instead of the handheld (or a mouse with plenty of buttons), especially for the single-player game where ducking and duck-jumping is so important.

Speaking of the single-player game, I've not had the chance to play beyond the first few levels with the lightgun - time to catch up ...


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