Nov 10 2000  -  Site performance 2 -

Make that 2 (note to self: take note of notes to self!).

Finally back on-line...

 Oct 18 2000  -  Site performance -

Should be a lot better now (note to self: avoid joke webhost outfits).

 Sep 12 2000  -  Site problems fixed -

Major glitches caused over a week of downtime - everything should be back to normal now.  Any mail sent recently will have been lost, so if you're still waiting for a reply, resend your messages.

 Jul 27  - Half-Life patch breaks HL-GUN!  -

Well, as some of you have found out, the newest Half-Life patches (starting with version break HL-GUN!-.  Essentially Valve completely revamped much of the HL internals, and so older mods need to be rewritten with their new SDK (Software Development Kit).

Unfortunately this would take a lot of work, and I'm totally focused on my own project right now, so HL-GUN!- probably won't be updated.

If you want to keep playing it, your only option right now is to a) don't update HL to anything higher than (reinstall if you've gone higher), or b) install a second copy of Half-Life, and patch it no higher than  Of course if you play online, option a) doesn't work, as you tend to need the latest patch to play on servers ...

You can get older patches from various versions to others here:

If you're going from a clean install, I recommend the patch from to  Plus there's a 'fix' to there that I don't remember, but is probably worth installing.

For the adventurous amongst you trying to conserve disk space, you should be able to remove the large 288meg pak0.pak file (found in the Valve directory) from your original install, then install HL a second time, and copy this file amongst the two installs, depending on which you want to run (this should work as I don't think this file is ever changed by a patch - it works with Quake2, but I haven't tested it in HL).

 Nov 26  -  HL-GUN!- v1.0 released!  -

Here is the final HL-GUN!- 1.0 release.

HL-GUN!- v1.0 is now Windows 2000 compatible! (all we need now is a Win2K compatible GS driver)

Get it from DOWNLOAD.

NOTE: Installing this release on a system with the old Q2GUNFRENZY v1.0 installed will break the GunFrenzy Launcher - the new 2.0 GF version (available at the
GunFrenzy site) fixes the problem.

 Nov 17  -  HL-GUN!- v0.99BETA released  -

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